Tired of expensive callout fee’s? Remote Support is the way forward and we are fully embracing it.

CSL_Dual_R-gloss-C-RGB-copy-700x420 texecom-logoTired of companies sending an Engineer to attend a fault that takes less than 5 minutes to fix and being charged expensive callout fees? Well here at Oxford Alarm Company we fully understand your frustrations so we’ve teamed up with industry leading manufacturers Texecom and Dualcom to offer remote engineer diagnostics, as well as our same day callout service you can rest assured that you are supported with any Security issues you encounter.

That sounds impressive but what does it involve exactly?

Using market leading equipment we are able to dial in (with your permission of course) and diagnose any issues remotely. If we can fix the issues over the phone then great there is no need for an engineer to attend, we can quickly get you secure again and on your way thus keeping the premises secure and your insurance valid with a working alarm system.

Ask yourself this.

Does your current Security Supplier offer this service?


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